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CBD Funhouse gives you gift ideas for your loved ones

The long-awaited moment of the year has arrived: Christmas! Everyone is busy finding the best gifts for their loved ones, friends and family members. And if you’re excited about giving gifts, you probably want to give something that is not only memorable, but also functional and necessary.

Wherever you go, it seems like the spirit of Christmas is in the air everywhere. Ladies, wives and mothers are starting to get busy with the holiday preparations, the gentlemen are buying Christmas trees, and the children have already made the letters for Santa Claus.

So, if you are looking for a special Christmas gift, CBD Funhouse is the right place to start your festive shopping. CBD-based natural products are the perfect gift for family and friends, so you can give them something unique, something that will make them feel special for both Christmas and New Year.

Not sure where to start? We have selected some of the best selling CBD products, but also the most suitable ones depending on the person you want to give this unique gift to.


  1. EMERA Shampoo and Conditioner with CBD

EMERA CBD is the best way to lay the groundwork for your hair care routine. Its special laboratory-tested formula focuses on the benefits of CBD oil and other essential oils. Its natural, gentle yet strong blend deeply nourishes the scalp to help relieve common dry skin conditions, to restore damaged hair, especially dyed hair.

Emera CBD Conditioner – Hydration is essential for elegant and shiny hair. EMERA Nourishing CBD Balm uses the beneficial properties of avocado, eucalyptus and tea tree oil to block moisture in the yarns with each use. CBD helps to restore the balance of the scalp with its many benefits, so that the hair can grow healthy, strong and look fuller.

If you want to surprise your sister, cousin or even colleagues, this is the perfect gift.


   2. Hemphilia shower gel with oranges + TNP Body Oil

Moms and girlfriends deserve a moment of pampering and relaxation after all the activities and efforts they put in for their loved ones, so we recommend this gift package, a package that will surely make their holidays unique.

Cinnamon and Orange Shower Gel – A product that contains sweet organic orange essential oil from Sicily and Sri Lankan cinnamon. It is very gentle on the skin, thanks to CBD and hemp extract, releasing tension through the comforting and calming effect it gives.

TNP Body Oil – Made with fresh ingredients, the CBD line of body oils can alleviate a wide range of ailments.


3. CBD Daily pain relief cream + CBD Funhouse Oil 10%

Gentlemen are not forgotten either, so ladies, let’s surprise them with an unexpected gift. Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend or just a close friend, this pain relief cream from CBD Daily + our CBD Funhouse Oil 10% is the perfect gift. After a long day of work or an intense workout in the gym, they can relax with the help of the products, and their power of relaxation will give them an unforgettable experience.

CBD Daily Triple Strength Intensive – is a cream with a triple action than the power of the standard CBD Daily Intensive Relaxation Cream and has the immediate effect of relieving a number of painful conditions – muscle and joint pain, cramps, inflammation, stiffness, discopathy, stinging, sports injuries and more.

CBD Funhouse Oil 10% does not contain THC, so our product creation process was based on the addition of an increased amount of CBN and CBG, two cannabinoids already present in the hemp plant usually in small quantities, to get as close as possible to the effectiveness of a product Full -Spectrum.


4.  Pain Relief Balm TNP + CBD Funhouse Oil 15%  

If you want to make a perfect gift for your grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle, we guarantee that this pain relief balm from TNP + CBD Funhouse Oil 15% will be the most beautiful gift you can give, given the characteristics of relief of any condition or stress in general.

TNP Cream – Both CBD and CBG are present in our composition, our soothing balm can fight even the most difficult migraines, reducing pain and providing a feeling of relief. It can even relieve the pain caused by insect bites. The increased healing factor of CBG and CBD can reduce the intensity of certain scars and stretch marks.

CBD Funhouse oil 15% does not contain THC, so our product creation process was based on adding an increased amount of CBN and CBG, two cannabinoids already present in the hemp plant usually in small quantities, to get as close as possible. the effectiveness of a Full-Spectrum product.


5.  Coffee + Chocolate Goldfish Amsterdam

Many of us have colleagues at work, and Secret Santa can often give us headaches. We come up with this perfect proposal for co-workers, people with whom we share time and ideas. 

Coffee – Goldfish Amsterdam has created the perfect blend of CE-certified hemp-rich coffee. Containing 4% CBD (cannabidiol), Goldfish Amsterdam Coffee is an easy and convenient way to experience and enjoy all the benefits of the hemp plant.

Chocolate – Goldfish Amsterdam CBD Chocolate Bars are sugar-free and combine the mood-enhancing properties of cocoa with the healthy benefits of full-spectrum hemp for a superior CBD experience.


6. Hemphillia day face cream + Hemphillia night face cream

Știm foarte bine că doamnelor și domnișoarelor le place să fie cochete și să apeleze la produse de îngrijire. Așadar, acest pachet este unic și potrivit pentru iubita sau sora, fiica, soția și chiar mătușa.

Crema de față de zi – CBD-ul și uleiul organic de cânepă ajută la restabilirea elasticității și compactității naturale a pielii, promovând în același timp bunăstarea generală. Ajută la reînnoirea celulară și combate în mod activ principalele semne ale îmbătrânirii.

Crema de noapte – Datorită cânepei, CBD, beta-glucan carboxilatului și acidului hialuronic, cu greutate moleculară foarte mică, este un tratament pentru pielea uscată, normală și delicată.



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