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CBD+CBG Recovery Balm

CBD+CBG Recovery Balm – Mint

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Combining both CBD and CBG, our Relief Balm is designed to provide relief from a wide variety of common conditions. A single use can relieve skin conditions, migraines, body aches and relax stiff joints. The balm can help reduce various dermatological conditions through topical application. Skin conditions such as stretch marks, acne and eczema respond well to CBD treatments, increasing the healing factor for these conditions. It absorbs quickly into the skin and relieves your pain in a second! Our cosmetics do not contain THC! Strength: 1000mg CBD Weight: 50g Scent: Mint and eucalyptus.

CBD Gummy Bears

Our range of high quality CBD Gummy Bears are made to satisfy both you and your inner child. Manufactured using quality ingredients following all food standards, our CBD jellies will be your favorite foods. The container contains 30 gummy bears. Infused with CBD extracts from organically grown hemp, each gummy bear will be a unique experience. They do not contain THC.