Behind every new brand that can possibly steal our hearts, there’s someone who has invested time, love and energy, someone attached to the idea of it, as if it was their brand new baby, which was made from scratch and developed further.

In this case, behind CBD Funhouse concept is me, Loredana Handuc, entrepreneur, marketer, person passionate about sales and branding, a young woman who at the age of 23 left Romania and arrived in Ibiza, Spain with the intention of working a season and return home with some money, to finish the master’s degree. I didn’t know then that life had another plan for me.

3 months became 10 years, of which 8 years I was an entrepreneur in Spain. When asked how I succeeded in having my own business 2500 km away from home, my answer was: I was lucky to be the right person, in the right place. I was a young woman who spoke English with tourists from all over the world and Spanish with the locals. So, my transition from being an employee to entrepreneurship happened almost naturally, it was the next logical step to make.

However, the choice of the field was a pure coincidence, so I ended up opening a business that was selling accessories and items for smokers. The store was called The Funhouse and it became an emblem of the town very fast. The tourists who were planning to return the following summer were sending me emails and messages announcing they were coming back and could hardly wait to visit us again. A strong, emotional connection was created between them and The Funhouse. I decided to expand and open another shop on the island , but that didn’t stop me to be present in both stores, talking to tourists, offering them some advice, because in the end I was representing The Funhouse.

When the pandemic started, I understood that my business wouldn’t have any chance to survive without tourists. I regretfully decided that it was time to close and return to Romania, where I started a new project called CBD Funhouse, alongside my partners. For me it is a fluid continuity of the project started in Spain, because I could come with the “know-how” and various skills in the field that I have developed since 2016.

Being a big CBD fan myself, I became my best customer. I started using this oil in the summer of 2016, because someone had told me that it could help with a long list of allergies that I had been facing since I was a child. Since then, I can’t imagine my life without using CBD oil.

The main challenge in Romania was to sell an oil that does not contain THC at all, given the fact that the legislation completely bans this substance, and trying to keep the qualities of a Full Spectrum oil, obtaining the same results. After some tests, we found the right formula which is available on the website, and as for consulting, I promise to be always here, answering all your questions and curiosities.

Do you have questions about CBD? Call us! Today may be the day we meet.