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CBD+CBG Recovery Balm

CBD+CBG Recovery Balm – Mint

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Combining both CBD and CBG, our Relief Balm is designed to provide relief from a wide variety of common conditions. A single use can relieve skin conditions, migraines, body aches and relax stiff joints. The balm can help reduce various dermatological conditions through topical application. Skin conditions such as stretch marks, acne and eczema respond well to CBD treatments, increasing the healing factor for these conditions. It absorbs quickly into the skin and relieves your pain in a second! Our cosmetics do not contain THC! Strength: 1000mg CBD Weight: 50g Scent: Mint and eucalyptus.
CBD Sport Gel

CBD Sport Gel – Quick Relief Booster 30ml

With Thermogenic Action With organic Aloe Vera bio, vegetable glycerine, Olive oil fraction, organic Cannabis Sativa extract, Arnica flower extract, pure natural Peppermint essential oil, natural Menthol, organic Chamomile extract, CBD, pure natural Clove Bud essential oil, Devil’s claw root extract. All our cosmetics do not contain THC. ECO BIO cosmetics, certified organic.

CBD Daily Triple Strength Active Spray -180 mg CBD

A natural remedy for well-being and comfort! CBD Daily Triple Strength Active Spray Original Mint with an ultra-concentrated formula based on CBD hemp oil, which soothes muscle and joint pain while relieving general discomfort. The formula also contains natural oils that have the ability to be quickly absorbed by the skin and directed to the source of pain to counteract it. It applies to several painful conditions – muscles, joint pain, cramps, inflammation, discopathy, sports injuries and more. The additional menthol oil added to the lightweight yet ultra-concentrated formula helps to deliver an impressive soothing sensation right away. To further assist with our customers’ busy active lifestyles, CBD Daily Triple Strength Active Spray comes in a compact 60 ml bottle. You can throw it in the gym backs, hiking backpacks, or an everyday purse. The use of high-quality, 100% Vegan ingredients has made our CBD Triple Strength Spray widely popular among professional athletes, massage therapists, and outdoors enthusiasts. If you’re new to the CBD topical world, feel free to try out our Original strength CBD Spray first. Once you’re used to the strength and feeling of a CBD topical, you can always switch up to include the triple strength spray into your routine. All our cosmetics do not contain THC.