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CBD Daily Triple strength cream

CBD Daily Triple Strength Cream – Original Mint 48g – 180mg CBD

CBD Daily Triple Strength Intensive Cream - is a cream with a triple action than the power of the standard CBD Daily Intensive Relaxation Cream and has the immediate effect of relieving a number of painful conditions - muscle and joint pain, cramps, inflammation, stiffness, discopathy, stinging, sports injuries and more.
The key ingredient in this cream is an organic compound extracted from hemp, also known as Cannabis Sativa. A large number of people confuse CBD oil (cannabidiol) with another substance extracted from cannabis, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which, unlike the oil, has psychoactive effects. In contrast, CBD oil does not give the user that euphoric state typical of THC.
Because it has been found to be particularly beneficial in the treatment and relief of various conditions, CBD oil is among the newest products to appear on the natural remedy market. Extracted from the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa), known since ancient times for its healing properties, cannabis sativa oil has surprising effects on the human body. All our cosmetics do not contain THC.