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CBD Oil Broad Spectrum

CBD Oil Broad Spectrum – 10 ml

20,00 80,00 
Discover our collection of Premium CBD Oils, which combines all the ingredients needed for a high quality oil. 5% CBD FUNHOUSE oils do not contain THC, so our product creation process was based on adding an increased amount of CBN and CBG, two cannabinoids already present in the hemp plant, usually in small quantities, to get as close as possible to the quality of a Full-Spectrum product. The story of CBD FUNHOUSE was born from the desire of introducing on the market an alternative that can successfully contribute to sustain general health, beauty and quality of life, so, a natural product that comes to your aid, according to your needs. At the moment we can say that we are the first ones in Romania to sell a Premium Broad-Spectrum cannabidiol oil, specially designed to obtain the effects of a Full-Spectrum CBD oil.
Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – 30ml

48,00 175,00 
Discover our collection of CBD FUNHOUSE Premium Oils, from Cannabidiol and Organic Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.), Full Spectrum Cannabinoids, MCT Oil, Terpenes Rich Hemp Seed Oil, which combines all the ingredients needed for a high quality oil. It is an oil obtained by extraction with CO2, thus ensuring the efficiency of the oil and fully preserving all the specific properties of the hemp plant. Does not contain THC! Now also available in a 30 ml bottle! Note: The displayed price includes a 30 ml bottle! The last picture is for reference only. To choose the 10 ml CBD oil, click here: FUNHOUSE CBD Oil 30% (3.000mg Cannabidiol) – 10ml.
CBD+CBG Tincture

CBD+CBG Tincture –10ml & 30ml

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CBG boosts natural immunity, lowers blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Now also available in a 30ml bottle! Cannabigerol (CBG) oil is good to use for:
  • to fall asleep faster
  • deeper and better sleep
  • more colorful and interesting dreams
  • deep regeneration
  • in depression and anxiety.

Our 1:1 CBG + CBD Oil is the perfect companion for your everyday wellness & self-care routine!

Note: The price shown includes a 30ml bottle! The last picture is for reference only. To purchase the 10ml CBD+CBG oil, click here: CBD+CBG 12% CBD FUNHOUSE – 10ml.