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Best CBD creams in 2021

Topical CBD pain relievers are some of the most popular products that customers use when they want to use CBD. As of 2021, very few US companies have obtained FDA approval to make explicit claims that directly link their topical CBD-containing creams to pain relief. Huge market demand, however, has pushed many current CBD manufacturers and especially online retailers to make such marketing claims at the risk of being fined by the FDA.

CBD Daily products are not part of these companies. Although customers have enjoyed the daily intensive creams with CBD, which they have called “absolute salvation”, you will not find that we take credit for improving your pain management situation. We are confident in the health benefits that CBD, as a 100% natural chemical compound, brings to the human body.

According to Harvard Medical School, the strongest scientific evidence of CBD’s health benefits is presented in the treatment of childhood epilepsy syndrome, such as Dravet’s syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. It also has strong potential in relieving seizures. The Harvard Medical School article cited an experiment published in the European Journal of Pain in which an animal experiment proved the positive effects of CBD to reduce pain and inflammation due to arthritis. We reviewed several medical studies published in the European Journal of Pain on the role of topical CBD in relieving pain. It has become clear that CBD, as a chemical compound, is indeed “an effective treatment for chronic pain.”

What remains uncertain and stops the FDA from giving the green light to the medical claim of topical CBD creams is the standard to regulate the dose, the additional ingredients that a brand puts in their topical CBD creams. Therefore, we advise our customers to pay special attention to what is contained in a topical cream with CBD, in addition to cannabidiol. You can find all the ingredients of our topical CBD creams in the “ingredients” tab on the product page.


Intensive Daily Cream NR.1 CBD (48mg, original mint)

The best-selling topical CBD cream is packaged in 60 mg of natural CBD derived from hemp (without THC) in a 48 mg jar. It provides instant therapeutic relief and a soothing sensation to the target areas. In addition to cannabidiol, it contains hemp seed oil, lavender oil and shea butter. CBD Daily Intensive Cream (48 mg, Original Mint) is one of the most affordable and effective topical CBD creams available on the market.



Intensive Daily Cream NR.2 CBD with triple action (48/226 mg, original mint)

CBD Daily Intensive Cream Triple Strength is the strongest CBD Daily CBD topical cream. The 226 mg jar contains 864 mg of natural CBD derived from hemp (without THC) and is enriched with other soothing essential oils, such as hemp seed oil, lavender oil and shea butter. It immediately provides 3 times more therapeutic relief to the affected areas, including the joints, muscles, back and neck. This rich and creamy topical CBD cream may not be a beginner-friendly product, but it certainly serves CBD veterans very well. 


Intensive daily cream with triple strength NR.3 CBD (226 mg, lavender)

We’ve expanded our triple-strength CBD Intensive Daily Cream to include the long-awaited lavender scent recently. The extra calming scent of Lavender brings an extra level of relaxation and a soothing experience. What has not changed is that the high potency 864 mg CBD derived from natural hemp (without THC) has a beneficial effect on chronic chronic discomfort.



Intensive daily cream NR.4 CBD (14 mg, original mint)

If you are new to the world of CBD, CBD Daily Intensive Cream Travel Size is the best CBD cream for potential health benefits. This small 14mg jar of 100% natural CBD derived from hemp (without THC) not only provides immediate therapeutic relief and soothing sensation, but also keeps your skin supple and hydrated with extra essential oils such as shea butter. You can enjoy topical CBD cream while on the go.


Intensive daily cream NR.5 CBD (48 mg, lavender)

You can experience immediate therapeutic relief and the feeling of relief with the best-selling CBD Cream Daily Intensive 48mg CBD Cream with Lavender, packaged with CBD Lavender Oil, 100% natural derived from hemp (without THC) with high potency, in a 48 mg compact jar. It is the best starting point for someone who wants to test the benefits of CBD lavender cream before gradually switching to 3 times more intense CBD Daily Intensive Cream Triple Strength lavender cream.


Before using any CBD-based product, we recommend that you consult a physician so that you do not interact with other medications and treatments.



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