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CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual dysfunction in males which is characterized by an inability to get or maintain an erection that is sufficient for sexual intercourse.
It affects millions of men worldwide, and the probability of occurrence increases with age, with an estimated half of men over age 60 suffering from ED.
Fortunately, ED is extremely treatable, and there are a number of things that can improve or cure it. One option that has become quite popular recently is the use of CBD, which may help combat the problem in a few different ways.

An erection occurs when the penis fills with blood. This means that the condition of the blood vessels to the penis plays a significant role in erectile dysfunction. Unsurprisingly, many health conditions related to vascular health are also strongly correlated with ED, such as:
Heart conditions.

There are other common causes of ED that can occur without these conditions, like:
Nerve damage;

These things, even when they are not the primary cause of ED, are likely to contribute or make the problem worse. Anxiety, in particular, can cause something of a vicious cycle, as men may get performance anxiety as a result of their ED, and the anxiety then perpetuates the problem.

Luckily, CBD is a potential treatment for several of these conditions.

CBD and Anxiety

Studies indicate that CBD binds with receptors in the brain that regulate anxiety and fear, which probably plays a role in its ability to mitigate anxiety.

Since CBD is so effective against anxiety, men who experience anxiety that is caused by or the cause of their ED may find their symptoms improved with the use of CBD. Of course, it is important to consult with a doctor regarding ED or anxiety symptoms before beginning treatment.


CBD may help with hypertension. If hypertension is main cause of your ED, then CBD could significantly improve your condition. Even if you do not suffer from hypertension, CBD may improve blood flow in a way that lessens your ED symptoms. Be sure to ask your doctor about this treatment path, especially if you are already being treated for hypertension, as some prescription medications are not safe to take in combination with CBD.

CBD and Obesity

CBD may also be useful for preventing or treating obesity. Since obesity, and health conditions related to obesity, are common causes of erectile dysfunction, CBD could treat ED indirectly by treating these conditions. If your weight is playing a role in your ED, consult with your doctor to see if CBD could be a good addition to your weight loss plan, along with changes to your diet and activity level.

There are a few different ways that CBD can be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. We’ll talk about some of the common ways to use it, how they work, and when to use them.


CBD edibles are treats, like gummies, brownies, or chocolate, which contain CBD oil. Many such products are available for purchase, although some people prefer to make their own by adding CBD oil to a recipe. If you purchase CBD edibles, the doses will be exact and pre-measured, so if you decide to make your own instead, be careful to measure the amounts of each ingredient precisely.

Edibles tend to have a stronger effect than other forms of CBD. (The same is true of THC, so be careful, as CBD products may contain a very small amount of THC.) They cause a feeling of total calm and relaxation, so they will be particularly useful if anxiety is related to your erectile dysfunction.

It normally takes longer for you to feel the effects of an edible than other forms of CBD, so they should be eaten a little while before sex.


CBD oil is available as a supplement, in the form of a capsule. This is another form of CBD where the dose is easy to measure, and as with most supplements, there will be a recommended dosage.

Supplements are mean to take every day. This can be great for treating symptoms of anxiety, hypertension, and other conditions that are affecting your daily life as well as contributing to your ED. Unlike edibles, you will not feel a sudden, temporary effect, but rather a general, long-term one.


CBD use topically in a variety of ways, including as massage oil or lubricant. Topical CBD works quickly and directly and is normally use to treat inflammation and to help you relax. This treats erectile dysfunction by improving blood flow and reducing anxiety.

Due to the quick onset of action of topical CBD, it is best to use it fairly close to the time of sexual intercourse.

Side Effects and Possible Risks

Although there are no known major side effects of CBD for erectile dysfunction, there are a few minor side effects and potential risks to take into consideration. It is also important to note that CBD has not been researching enough to say for certain that these are the only possible risks.

Reduced libido – Studies indicate that heavy use of CBD products has a negative impact on libido in women. You may want to be careful of the amount you use, particularly when using topical CBD, to avoid affecting your partner inadvertently.
Medication interactions CBD oil can be a great treatment for conditions that cause erectile dysfunction. However, if you are already taking medication for these conditions, CBD could interfere with their effectiveness or even be dangerous. Check with your doctor about possible interactions.


CBD oil could be an effective way to improve your erectile dysfunction and related conditions, and it is available in a variety of convenient products. You should always discuss your ED, related medical conditions, and current treatments or medications with your doctor before beginning any new treatment.

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