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CBD Treats for Cats

Treats are no stranger to pet parents and you will find that your hands travel to the treat jar a little bit more every passing day.

Be it the hunky canines or the majestic felines, treats are something every pet would come running for which makes them the ideal way to train pets and teach them several tricks as well as to induce good habits.

Although cat treats are handy to have a degree of control over your beloved felines, it is often speculated that most treats are not very healthy for pets, cats and dogs alike, and hence should be taken only in precise amounts.

The image of treats for cats is much like candies and sweets – just one or two in a day and a few more on special occasions.

However, treats remain to be the best way to have your pet cat do what you ask it and not wreak havoc on the house.

Taking advantage of this one particular benefit of cat treats, most medicines are made in the style of treats or with flavors so that pets do not hesitate or through tantrums.


What is CBD Cat Treats?

In simplest terms, CBD treats are normal cat treats that are infused with CBD oils or tinctures.

They are used for several medicinal purposes, from relieving pain, anxiety, stress, seizures, loss of appetite, and aggressiveness to boosting immunity, inducing good sleep, and mellowing nature.

Needless to say, CBD treats are a much healthier version of the general cat treats that are found in the market and used by the most.

CBD treats are made to be tasty enough for the cats to find them tempting and healthy enough to help them stay in top shape.

CBD present in these treats is extracted from hemp or marijuana plants and can differ in composition depending on the method of extraction and the compounds present in the mix.

The cannabis plant family has two main compounds – THC and CBD. CBD is the compound that is the star of the show and is used to get the desired medicinal effects.

THC is the compound which is responsible for generating the psychoactive effects on the users, animals, and human alike.

Most CBD products do not contain THC or have it only in negligible amounts which means that there is little to no chance for your feline to get high by having CBD treats.

More importantly, some researches show that CBD works better when used in combination with all other compounds found in the cannabis plants.

Types of Treats

There are countless benefits and advantages that CBD can provide depending on the ailment that you are trying you are trying to tackle and the dosage of CBD that you choose to give your pet cat.

Following are the different kinds of CBD that can be used for different kinds of ailments:

1. Soft Chew CBD Cat Treats

Just like your general cat treats, CBD cat treats also come in several different consistencies.

Soft chew CBD cat treats are perfect for kittens who are still not teething and senior cats who cannot really chow down on the normal hard treats. 

Soft chew CBD treats can be found in all three variants – isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum along with organic CBD. Depending on the needs of your cat, you can easily choose one that suits its needs.


2. Treats with CBD Oil

Apart from the general CBD infused treats, there are CBD treats that can be simply infused with CBD oil later after buying.

These treats are made to absorb CBD oil when dropped on it using a dropper or any other similar equipment.

This way of taking CBD treats offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to adjusting the dosage and the kind of CBD that you are using for your kitty.

ou can easily switch between isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum CBD and also adjust the dosage using. This is the kind of flexibility that pre-infused CBD treats do not come with.


3. Flavored Cat Treats

Making CBD treats a little more exciting for cats, flavored CBD cat treats offer a delightful punch to the healthy trips that come from CBD.

The top flavors of flavored treats include mutton, chicken, salmon, and other popular flavors that are most-liked by cats.

The dosage of CBD in flavored cat treats is similar to that of unflavored ones. However, there can be other ingredients that may constitute as unhealthy so, the servings should always be measured properly.


4. Full-Spectrum CBD Treats

Made using all the compounds found in a cannabis plant such as CBD, THC, flavonoids, essential oils, etc. Full-spectrum CBD treats are generally made using hemp plants as the percentage of CBD is lesser in hemp strains as compared to marijuana strains.

Full-spectrum treats are quite popular as it is speculated that CBD works better when used in combination with THC and other compounds.


5. Broad-Spectrum CBD Treatrs

Much similar to full-spectrum CBD cat treats, broad-spectrum CBD treats contain all compounds found in the cannabis plant except for THC.

This eliminates the potential chances of your cat getting high, even a little bit, and still makes the effects of CBD last longer, much similar to the full-spectrum variants.

Broad-spectrum CBD treats offer a subtle dosage of CBD to the users, unlike CBD isolates which are concentrated to infuse more CBD in the pet in a lesser amount of time.


6. Treats for Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite can be very upsetting for the health of your cat especially when it is either in the early forming years of its life or old and feebler than most other cats.

Not eating enough food becomes the root of many other problems which means that your little kitten can face several other issues if the appetite is not stimulated properly.

Since treats are something kittens would eat even when they deny eating their said meals on time, they make the perfect subject for them to intake CBD and improve the appetite.


7. CBD Treats for Cats with Joint Pain

Cats and dogs alike, joint pain is a real bummer no matter in what stage of life it surfaces.

A recent survey found out that about 61% of cats older than six years suffer from joint pain or arthritis and over 80% of cats older than fourteen years have joint pain.

CBD works as a wonderful solution for this and all other kinds of joint pains that cats suffer in their lifetime and relieve them of it on a huge scale.

CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities which means that it can not only stop the pain but also the further spread of it.


8. CBD Treats For Stress and Anxiety

General and separation anxiety is a real thing when it comes to pets.

Common stress-causing things may include the change in living space or environment, interaction with strangers, underlying health problems, and conflicts with fellow cats.

CBD helps in calming your stressed cat down and bring down the anxiety levels as well. It decreases the production of stress hormones in the body and reacts with the receptors assigned to regulate the hormones.

The same receptors work in case of seizures, bad mood, and low energy levels as well which means CBD turns out to be a great solution for that as well.




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