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How do we get back in shape after the holidays?

January always comes with the fight to lose weight after the winter holidays. Even those who are more aware of their body and pay attention to what they usually eat can fall into temptation during the holidays.

Starting from the day you take your Christmas break through the New Year, time isn’t the only thing that can get away from us. Since the main purpose of the holidays is to spend time with family and friends, there will certainly be food around at all times.

Cheat-days become cheat-weeks and before we know it we are behind on months of work we have done to get in better shape. Long story short, the progress made in six months can disappear miraculously, in two weeks of vacation if we are not careful.

If your New Year’s resolution is about health and fitness, here we will talk about how you can lose and keep the weight off.

Let’s begin with something many people get confused- diet and reducing calorie intake is a better and more effective way to lose weight than exercising.

Most people don’t have the time to exercise enough every day in order to lose weight without keeping their caloric intake in a deficit. If you continue to eat too much, you will have a very hard time losing weight even if you get to the gym every day.

Another common misconception is Carbs and Cholesterol. Both get a bad reputation when in fact they can be beneficial to your fitness goals. Keeping a sensible weight is critical to living healthily.


If you are eating whole grain carbohydrates, they offer nutrients your body needs when it is being stressed in exercise, and diet. A small amount of whole grains can aid in keeping you fuller for longer so you don’t feel the need to eat more.


The reputation for cholesterol, especially for men, is that you should cut it out of your diet so you don’t develop clogged arteries, but there is little scientific evidence to support that. However, in several studies, a healthy amount cholesterol in your diet keeps your hormones balanced.

The correlation of testosterone and cholesterol has been studied immensely. Consuming cholesterol is a great way to maintain and increase your testosterone naturally which will help keep your body fat down in combination with your exercise routine.

Eating clean is the number one way to lose weight in a healthy way.

Keep your diet consisting of: Fresh greens, fruits, and meats. Cut out sugar to the best of your ability. Only eat whole grains when consuming carbs. No more sodas or fruit juices, they are loaded with sugar. Drink more water!

Yes, it is said everywhere, but if you are dieting and exercising daily, you will need to stay hydrated for you body to run at optimum levels.

If your body is not getting the amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs, it will hold onto the fat in your body as a source of fuel.

When you are hydrated and eating well your body will be okay with shedding that unwanted body fat.

Let’s get going! The sooner you choose to get back in shape, the sooner you can get back to your favorite not-so-healthy indulgences

But remember to only indulge once in a while or you will be back to the starting line once again. The temporary pleasure isn’t worth the long-lasting negative effects on your body and mind.

Benefits of Working Out And CBD:

At the end of a long day of being active or your daily workout, you will feel the soreness and impactful effects on your muscles, and it can impact your performance and ability to continue. After your workout routine, using CBD oil can help improve your post workout recovery.

Long story short, CBD oil is the best ally when you return to the gym or your weekly or daily workout. Why? Because taken after training or right before going to bed, it will help you recover faster, being a good muscle relaxant. Therefore, you will not have pain muscle the next day, no matter how long it was the break between workouts. This will lead to a considerable increase in your performance and the desire to continue training until you reach the desired target and even more.

In addition to oil, we recommend you our range of pain products, from creams to sprays and even balms, all good to reduce inflammation and muscle pain.




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