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CBD and tattoos: how does it help us in the healing process?

Tattoos have become more and more popular, so many people use tattooing as a way to create an individual statement or style. The tattoo dates back to the time of Julius Caesar, so it’s definitely not a new trend. However, in recent years it has become more acceptable to be seen with a tattoo in everyday life. With this in mind, people are increasingly looking at how to cope with the process of getting a tattoo, as well as recovering and maintaining newly marked skin.

CBD and tattoos

More and more consumers (including tattoo artists) are beginning to make the connection between CBD and tattoos. However, with so many retailers in the UK making weird statements about CBD, it can be hard to believe everything you read.

When we say that CBD oil is one of the best tattoo care products, we want you to trust our advice. So, when it comes to CBD tattoo care, here you have the main benefits – supported by several scientific studies.


Pain relief

Anyone who has had a tattoo can agree that the process comes with some pain. And if you’ve got your tattoo on an extremely sensitive area, such as your chest, knees, or legs, it’s likely to come with quite a bit of pain.

However, some over-the-counter medications can adversely affect your tattoo, for example, Ibuprofen thins the blood, causing you to bleed during tattooing, which slows down the healing process. So it is best to avoid taking these painkillers.

It may be more effective to take CBD to relieve pain. Did you know that when taken in high doses, CBD can actually change the way your brain and body respond to pain? Cannabidiol essentially reduces your sensitivity to pain, making painful stimuli easier to manage, all without causing unwanted side effects. This makes CBD by far the best natural solution for subsequent tattoo care.


We’ve talked about pain before, but did you know that stress directly affects your perception of pain? Many studies have shown that people who experience stress are more likely to feel more pain and that stress also increases the body’s sensitivity to painful stimuli (this is much worse for people with depression and anxiety). Don’t be afraid! CBD can change the way your brain responds to stressful stimuli, reducing stressful situations.

So, when you get a tattoo, it is much better to be relaxed and calm than stressed and nervous. Because this will actually help you better manage your pain – making the tattoo experience more enjoyable, and at the same time help you stay still so that the tattoo artist can do his job properly.


Improved healing

Once your tattoo session is complete, the tattoo area will turn red and swollen. This is perfectly normal, as it is your body’s natural healing process and immune response. Sometimes it can take some time for this inflammation to go away, and when it finally does, itching can often occur.

So, to help your body and skin heal, many people use CBD creams, oils and skin care serums. This is because CBD is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent. And with inflammation at the center of scars and skin lesions, being able to treat it means helping the body heal. CBD oil also contains vital vitamin E, which protects cells, adds moisture and reduces itching.

Unlike NSAIDs, such as Ibuprofen, CBD works much easier. Cannabidiol does not thin the blood as much as Ibuprofen, so tattooists often recommend CBD products as safe to use before and after tattooing.

Tips for later CBD tattoo care

Now you understand why CBD and tattoos are a heavenly match, so you’ll probably want to try CBD oil for your next tattoo session. CBD oils are the best tattoo care products that you can make even more effective by using certain products at different stages of the healing process.

So, in this section, we are going to give you some tips on the whole process of after tattoo care, including CBD recommendations for after tattoo care.



You’ll probably feel nervous before getting a tattoo – especially if it’s your first time. And you’ll probably find ways to manage your pain during the session. However, it is extremely important not to take painkillers, such as ibuprofen, which can thin your blood and prevent proper healing. 

Because cannabidiol works best in higher doses over the long term, we recommend that you start taking CBD 2-3 weeks before getting a tattoo, at a rate of about 2-5 mg per day. This will help your body build up its cannabidiol reserves to provide maximum benefits.

In addition, the optimal form of CBD for pain, anxiety and stress is the one that can enter the bloodstream directly. Therefore, we recommend that you use CBD oil, capsules or vapors to help with this.

If you vape CBD, we also recommend steaming directly before the tattoo session for the calming effect of cannabidiol.

Tattoo Day

Your tattoo session (or sessions if your design is elaborate) will let your skin recover. The healing process for tattooing can be varied and depends on a number of factors, including the size of the tattoo, the location and the complexity of the design.

When your tattoo session is complete, the artist will cover the tattoo (usually with cling film) as well as some kind of anti-bacterial cream or ointment.

You should remove the tattoo wrapper (most likely after a few hours) to allow air to flow. Once the coating is removed, gently wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and the flat part of the hand. Then dry it with a clean towel (Avoid soaking in a hot bath for up to 6 weeks after the tattoo).

You can protect the tattoo at night with a food foil if you feel the tattoo rubbing against the bed.


1-3 days after the tattoo day

Over the next few days, you may see some discharge and also see that the skin is red and inflamed. You will also feel sunburn.

The tattoo should be washed lightly with clean water, avoiding soap, to keep the area clean and dry. However, keep in mind that exposing your tattoo to air will help it recover faster.

During this time, you can continue to use CBD-based products to promote healing and manage pain.

In conclusion

As you well know, tattoos are a permanent mark on our body. Thus, if you decide to continue, then you should be as careful as possible to maintain the quality. This means taking advantage of the many therapeutic benefits of CBD, which will make the experience less painful before, during and after the tattoo, but will also help prevent infection.


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