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CBD during pregnancy and its effects

If you are having symptoms of pregnancy, you may be wondering if CBD (cannabidiol) can relieve your various symptoms. CBD is a hemp compound that has no psychoactive effects.

CBD-containing products are becoming more and more popular. Manufacturers use it in things like food, beverages, beauty products and supplements.

Some pregnant women may consider using CBD for symptoms such as:

 – Nausea or vomiting from morning sickness

 – Anxiety or stress

 – Sleep problems

 – Pain

However, it is not advisable to take CBD for these reasons. The FDA urges women not to use cannabis or any CBD product during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It could be dangerous for you and your baby.

Why is it risky?

First, we need more research on the effects of CBD on pregnant mothers and unborn babies. Experts have mainly animal studies to continue.

For example, researchers who administered high doses of CBD to pregnant test animals found problems in the reproductive systems of male fetuses. This does not necessarily mean that the same thing would happen to humans, but the FDA says it is concerned about the discovery.

CBD products may also be contaminated with things that could be dangerous to a developing or breastfeeding child, such as THC. This is the cannabis chemical that has psychoactive effects.

Experts advise all women to avoid THC during pregnancy and lactation. It can affect the development of the baby’s brain in the womb. It can also increase the chances of stillbirth or premature birth. THC can pass to a baby through breast milk, and experts believe that this can also happen with CBD.


Based on clinical trials in humans, the risks may include the following:

-hepatic toxicity (impairment)

-extreme drowsiness

-Harmful interactions with other drugs

-Potential risk of miscarriage

Animal studies have found a link between CBD use and early miscarriage. Although animal studies do not translate directly into humans, try to reduce your dose of CBD as a precaution if you are actively trying to get pregnant.

Potential damage to reproduction

Another animal study associated the use of CBD during pregnancy with lower sperm production in male offspring. So, if you give birth to a baby boy, there may be a risk to his future reproductive health. Again, the results of animal studies are not always passed on to humans. However, it is best to be safe.

Aggravation of pregnancy-related side effects

Many people like CBD because of its minimal side effects. However, some people experience fatigue or diarrhea when using CBD. These side effects may adversely affect pregnancy.

No one wants to be more tired than they already are, and diarrhea can lead to dehydration – a dangerous condition during pregnancy.

CBD has many benefits, but the potential risks to a developing fetus make it unsafe to use during pregnancy. Spontaneous abortion and the effects on the baby’s future fertility or motor development are possibly related to its use, and until we find out more, the risk is not worth it.

Consult a doctor or any authorized medical source for the correct information on the use of CBD oil during pregnancy.



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